What Is a Brother of the Bride Wedding Speech?

According to Editorial Today, a brother of the bride wedding speech is "one where a brother gives the positive traits of his sister." The speech tends to include past experiences between the brother and the sister from their childhood into their adult lives. In some instances, the brother substitutes for an absentee father or the father that does not speak. Most importantly, the brother welcomes the groom to the family.

The style that the brother of the bride presents during his speech varies. If the brother is overprotective, he may joke with the groom about how he would harm the groom if he does not take care of his sister. This is a message that the groom must be a positive person in his sister's life – or else. If the brother is very emotional, he may bring up tear-jerking scenarios that he and his sister experienced throughout their lives. This sends a message to the groom to build a strong emotional connection with the bride. Sometimes, the brother is a social butterfly. In his speech, he simply welcomes everyone and speaks of the good times they have in the future as a family. This sends a message to the groom that his marriage to the bride is not only a marriage to her, but that he is joining her family as well.