Why Do Brides Carry Bouquets?

brides-carry-bouquets Credit: Emily Hancock/Mint Images/Getty Images

Some brides carry bouquets as a symbol of happiness, others throw them to distract the crowd, and others see them as a custom of enhancing the atmosphere of the wedding ceremony. In some countries, brides carry bouquets and throw them to her bridesmaids. Whoever catches the bouquet is believed to be the next bride. There are a lot of reasons, including a history of tradition, that brides carry bouquets.

The tradition of carrying bouquets can be traced back for centuries. In Ancient Rome, brides carried or wore flower garlands, as they believed that flowers signified new beginnings, fidelity and hope for fertility. According to Howstuffworks, brides in the Middle Ages carried garlic and dill instead of flowers. These strong smelling spices and herbs were believed to ward off evil, ill health and bad luck, and people clutched spices and herbs in front of their mouths and noses in a desperate attempt to avoid the pandemic and survive.

In the Victorian era, lovers often sent different flowers as a way of expressing their love. Each flower held a different meaning, and the exchange of flowers soon became popular and was linked to romantic love. Flowers became a part of wedding ceremonies because of this romantic association.