What Are Some Bridal Shower Purse Games?


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Two common bridal shower games centered around purses are "purse raid" and "scavenger hunt." These games are based around the contents of each guests' purse. If male and female guests are both present, the games can be altered to include both purses and pockets.

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For the purse raid game, hosts prepare a list of common and uncommon items in advance. They then call out the items, going from the most common to the least common, and award a small prize to the first guest to retrieve the item from her purse. At the end of the game, a larger prize can be provided to the guest with the most items from the list. This game is based on speed and organization, and it is often won by the guest who not only has a well-stocked purse but who knows where to find the things they carry.

For the scavenger hunt game, party hosts create a list of items that may be carried in a purse. Party guests work alone, in pairs or in groups to find the list of items in their purses. The individual or team that finds the most items in the time allotted wins the game. Hosts can provide a small prize for the winner, but they may also consider providing bonus prizes for especially rare or comical items.

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