What Is the Breakdown of Wedding Costs?

What Is the Breakdown of Wedding Costs?

A breakdown of wedding costs includes the cost of venue, photography, video, food and beverage. Rentals and entertainment are also included, as well as wedding rings, reception, stationary and flowers.

Couples should figure out who is responsible for what costs when breaking down the cost of the wedding. If families are paying for the wedding, there should be a specific amount they are asked to contribute or a specific part of the wedding they are asked to fund.

Liquor and food for the guests is often the biggest expense of a wedding, which is one reason there should be an accurate head count. It's common for caterers to offer personalized packages to fit the couple's budget.

The date, location and time of a wedding can influence the overall costs. Evening receptions are usually more expensive than daytime receptions because dinners are more costly and people consume more alcohol at night. Weddings with a more formal style usually have locations that match, which also impacts wedding costs. Lavish locations require equally lavish decorations.

It's best to set aside at least 5 percent of a budget for emergencies. Couples should also set aside at least 20 percent of their incomes for the wedding as soon as they become engaged. Having a longer engagement is a good way to save money.