How Do You Bless the Food at a Wedding?

How Do You Bless the Food at a Wedding?

To bless food at a wedding, prepare beforehand, come up with your content, get specific instructions from the wedding coordinator and be ready. Finally, say the blessing and stick to your allotted time.

  1. Prepare beforehand

    Prepare your prayer and write down important points. Avoid sounding scripted by making the prayer personal and heartfelt.

  2. Come up with the content

    Determine the content of the prayer. Begin with by giving thanks for the couple and the occasion. Include friends and family gathered for the reception in your prayer. Conclude with blessing the food. Rehearse your prayer until you are comfortable saying it.

  3. Get specific instructions from the wedding coordinator

    Ask the wedding coordinator when and where you are speaking. Learn how to turn on and hold the microphone, and ask for clarification where you are unsure.

  4. Be ready

    Be prepared for your turn to speak to ensure that everything goes smoothly. Have your notes ready, and stand close to the stage. Watch the wedding coordinator for your cue to speak.

  5. Say the blessing

    Hold the microphone properly and speak clearly. Say the blessing; you do not have to stick to your notes. Make the prayer heart-felt and don’t be afraid to add anything relevant that comes to mind in the moment. Stick to your allotted time.