What Are Some Blended Family Wedding Vows?

Blended family wedding vows can include wording that is directed toward the couple's new stepchildren. The vows can say something like, "I promise to love you and be devoted to you as your new stepparent."

Brides and grooms also may wish to promise their new stepchildren that they will be fair and loyal to them. It also is especially touching for partners to promise that they will love and care for the stepchildren as their own. It may be appropriate to say that the stepparent will serve as a confidante or mentor to the children, and will not attempt to take the place of the biological parent who is not a part of the blended family.

The children can participate in the wedding vows as well. The individual officiating at the wedding can ask the children if they promise to love their biological parent and his or her new spouse. The clergy member also can ask the children if they promise to work together as a family and display love not only to their new stepparent but to their step-siblings. The children can respond with "I do" or write their own vows to be read or recited at the wedding.