What Are Some Black and White Party Ideas?

What Are Some Black and White Party Ideas?

Ideas for a black and white party include black and white balloons as decorations, food and beverages that are primarily black or white, and a music playlist of songs that mention either color. Make the party invitations black and white to reinforce the importance of the theme.

Balloon arrangement ideas include a balloon arch or balloon bouquets. Other decorations that come in black and white include candles, flowers, vases, streamers and confetti.

An appetizer of white tortilla chips and black dip fits the black and white theme. Dessert options include black and white cookies or any cake that has both colors. Drink options include chocolate martinis and white Russians. Serve Hershey's Kisses, white chocolate, and black and white M&Ms as snacks or distribute them as party favors.

Well-known songs that mention either color include "White Wedding" by Billy Idol, "Black or White" by Michael Jackson and "Men in Black" by Will Smith. A playlist might also include musical artists that have either color in their name, such as the Black Keys.

Indicate the dress code for the party on the invitation. Such parties can be formal or casual. You can also specify one color for each gender's attire, such as black for the men and white for the women.