What Are Some Birthday Wishes to Give to Your Son?

What Are Some Birthday Wishes to Give to Your Son?

Birthday wishes for a son include "I was blessed the day you were born," "I'm so happy to be your parent" and "You're the most important part of my life." Good birthday wishes build the receiver's self-esteem and come from the writer's heart.

Birthday wishes give parents the chance to express themselves to their son. One way to build the son's self-esteem is by telling him "I'm proud of you." Almost every son wants to make his parents proud. The parent can add to this wish by including something his son does well, as birthdays are an excellent time to look back on his life and what he has accomplished.

The writer should put thought into the card but also enjoy writing it. If he has difficulty finding what to say, he should look for a card with a long message that expresses how he feels.

The writer should take his son's age into account when writing birthday wishes. Young children are typically less patient and may not want to read a long message, so the writer should keep his message short. He can include his son's age, as children are usually excited about getting older.

While the writer can look at other birthday wishes for inspiration, he should customize them based on himself and his son. This prevents the message from being generic.