What Are Some Birthday Slumber Party Ideas?

birthday-slumber-party-ideas Credit: Jupiterimages/Stone/Getty Images

One slumber party idea is to set up individual tents for each party attendee and decorate the tents with stickers, glitter and lights. Tents can be small and made simply with colorful twin-sized bed sheets held up with sturdy bamboo sticks or by ropes suspended from the ceiling. Another Idea is to create a sleepover movie tent with a large sheet covering the whole living room and TV area.

Include a sleepover movie tent with pillows, blankets, stuffed animals and colorful balloons. Create an open area in the middle for kids to gather on the floor or on over-sized pillows to watch the movie. Snack tables and popcorn buckets can be placed around the sides of the tent so kids can have easy access to them without having to leave the tent. Before the movie, games can be organized in the tent such as bingo or a glow-in-the-dark scavenger hunt, where the kids have to find items in the dark using only a small flashlight. Lemonade or hot chocolate can be served along with popcorn during the movie, depending on the weather. After the movie, kids can gather in the kitchen or the backyard for a late-night game, story or treat.

A glow in the dark party is a fun option, where guest receive glow in the dark party favors. Party activities for this theme include a light show and dance party in the dark.

A celestial themed star gazing party is another option. This party would include star-themed crafts, food and decorations and star gazing.