What Are Some Birthday Quotes for a Grandchild?


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One special quote for a grandchild on his birthday is "May the best of your past be the worst of your future. Happy birthday!" Another is "If there was one thing that I must do today... give you a big hug and wish you a happy, happy, happy birthday!"

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What Are Some Birthday Quotes for a Grandchild?
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Another quote for a grandchild on his birthday is "The wrinkles on our foreheads, the quiver in our walk, the pain in our knees and the discomfort in our stomachs disappear as soon as your mom places you in our arms. Happy birthday, little one." Another is "It's always a treat to wish 'Happy Birthday' to someone so sweet."

Meaningful quotes specifically for grandsons on their birthdays include "There's so much I could say about a great dude like you, grandson...but it could take me a while and you've got a celebration to get started! Happy birthday!" and "Most people our age love their retirement because they can catch up on doing things that they could never do while working. But we love our retirement because we get to spend all day watching a cute grandson like you. Happy birthday."

One sentimental quote for a granddaughter on her birthday is "You are my princess, my doll and my granddaughter. Happy birthday!" Another is "You are synonymous with the word sweetness. Happy birthday, dear granddaughter! May you have a brilliant day."

A birthday quote for a teenage grandchild is "From the day you were born until today, when you become a teenager, we have had a twinkle in our eyes and a healthy glow on our faces. Obviously, these are signs that you are good for our health and happiness. Happy birthday to our dear grandchild."

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