What Are Some Birthday Party Themes for a 10-Year-Old Girl?

What Are Some Birthday Party Themes for a 10-Year-Old Girl?

BirthdayPartyIdeas4Kids.com lists several birthday party themes that are ideal for tweens, including a make-up themed party, a spa day and scrapbooking fun. For the girl whose birthday is in the summer, a pool party with a luau is an option.

Have the girls give one another makeovers during a make-up themed party, or invite a beautician to the house to do make-up for the girls. Put out a variety of eye shadows, lipsticks, blushes, mascaras and even fake eyelashes for the girls to use. Give goody bags with lip gloss, small make-up bags and samples of make-up from the local mall.

Spa day parties involve pampering the 10-year-old girls. Break out a variety of nail polishes, lotions, robes and sandals for the girls to wear. Give the girls facial masks and cucumbers for their eyes. Do not forget the emery boards and toe separators. Play a game of nail polish spin to help them pick their colors for their fingernails or toenails.

Buy a variety of scrapbook pages, stickers and colorful pens. Take pictures of the girls during the party, print them, then have each girl make a small scrapbook of memories. Another option is asking each girl to bring her favorite pictures already printed.

For a luau pool party, decorate with palm trees, coconuts, flowers and tiki torches. Serve pineapple, pulled pork, Hawaiian bread and spinach dip. Give each guest a lei, and put a little umbrella in each drink. Remind the guests to bring swimsuits if you have access to a pool, or break out the slip-and-slide for wet fun.