What Are Some Birthday Party Ideas for a 10 Year Old?


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A fun idea for a child's 10th birthday party would be to allow the kids to make their own chocolate or other types of candy. Baking molds can be found in a variety of shapes and favorite characters. With supervision, the children can pour chocolate into the molds, so that they are making their own personal chocolates.

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What Are Some Birthday Party Ideas for a 10 Year Old?
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There are a lot of possible themes that can be done. Listed below are a few ideas and activities for what to do depending on the theme.

  1. Glow party
  2. A glow-in-the-dark themed party can happen at night or in a facility that has a blacklight room. Something that can be made is glow-in-the-dark jello; instead of using normal water use tonic water so the jello will glow. Glow-in-the-dark body paint can be used for face painting.

  3. Pool party
  4. If there is not a pool present at the child's house, contact the local YMCA branch or talk to a friend that has a pool. For food, plan on grilling or having a pot luck. Let the kids make water balloons. There can be a contest to see who can dive for the most pool toys. Some themes that can be done for a pool party are a Hawaiian luau or a toga party.

  5. Dinosaur excavation
  6. A fun idea is to contact a local museum and see if they have a dinosaur excavation for kids. Some museums will have party packages, especially if the museum targets kids and young adults. If the local museum does not have a dinosaur excavation activity available, then there are ways to make one. Buy a dinosaur bones model kit and bury it in a sandbox. If a sandbox does not exist, they are easy to make or even buy.

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