What Are Some Birthday Party Food Ideas?

birthday-party-food-ideas Credit: John Eder/Taxi/Getty Images

Some birthday party food ideas include a cake or individual cupcakes, do-it-yourself English muffin pizzas, mud cups, ice cream cups and fruit cups. Some healthy food options also include watermelon slices, tangerines and baked tortilla chips.

Birthday party food ideas depend on priorities, such as healthful eating or the theme of the party. A huge birthday cake topped with lots of candles may be fun but a less healthy option. Themed cakes can engage guests and create drama, and cupcakes can be themed as well. One advantage of cupcakes is that they are smaller and can be served as a method of controlling portion size. Cupcakes can also be decorated and customized in patterns and can be made as healthful as possible by using less frosting.

For an interactive and engaging dessert, make mud cups by putting chocolate pudding halfway into clear plastic cups. Fill the upper halves of the cups with crushed cookies and gummy worms. The result looks like worms are wriggling out of the ground. For a hassle-free dessert, before the party, put scoops of ice cream into baking cups, and keep the single-serve dishes in the freezer. When it's time for ice cream, pass out the servings to each guest.