What Is a Birthday Gift for a Woman Turning 40?

Classic jewelry pieces such as watches and earrings make great gifts for a woman turning 40. It may also be suitable to give the woman one of the items from her bucket list.

If the woman has always wanted to take a trip to a particular destination or go sailing on her own boat, collaborating with family and friends to make these wishes come true can make for a memorable birthday for her. An especially fancy or customized birthday cake also makes a great birthday present. For instance, if a woman loves shoes or handbags, a cake that is shaped like one of these items will make her birthday extra special.

A gift that is directly related to the woman's interests will also make a thoughtful 40th birthday gift. For instance, if she loves dogs, getting her a new puppy for her birthday will make the day one to remember. If she's interested in cooking, a gift basket filled with gourmet cooking tools and a recipe book is a present she'll appreciate. An electronic device such as a tablet or e-reader also makes a wonderful gift, especially for women who are connected to social media or like to take pictures and read books electronically.