What Are Some Birthday Cake Design Ideas?


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Some birthday cake ideas include fondant cakes with varying designs, frosting cakes with animal designs, and cakes with props such as ice cream cones, decorations that stand on top of the cake or other objects that surround the bottom or edges of the cake. Other birthday cake ideas include using a variety of candy as decorations, rather than different colors of frosting, and making a cake from nontraditional ingredients, such as a lemon cake or pancakes with frosting.

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Upside down ice cream cones and sugar cones work as castles and mountains for making a fantasy or princess-themed birthday cake. Add a figurine to the top of a cake to give a birthday cake a superhero theme. Cupcakes with a variety of individual designs can create a mosaic of a large design. A variety of cake toppers make cupcake decorating easy and customizable to the birthday party's theme or the interests of the guest of honor. For another no-hassle design, simply cover the entire cake with sprinkles, cookies or pieces of chocolate.

Some cakes use candy for decoration. After applying a frosting base, use different colors of Reese's Pieces, M&Ms, Skittles or other candy in varying colors to create a design. One design example is using a round cake pan to create a basketball. After frosting the cake with a single color, make the lines in the basketball with dark brown Reese's Pieces and make the orange of the basketball with orange Reese's Pieces. The same idea works to make rainbows with M&Ms, Starbursts or any other colored candy. To create a baseball, use a white frosting base and use cinnamon candies or another red candy to create the stitching.

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