How Are Birdcage Veils Made?


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Birdcage veils are made by cutting a piece of millinery veil netting to cover the desired area, then sewing it on to a hair comb and adding optional embellishments for decoration. Russian veil netting is heavier and produces a more structured veil, while French veil netting results in a light-weight, billowing veil. Veil netting comes in widths ranging from 9 to 18 inches — a longer width results in more facial coverage.

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  1. Measure and cut
  2. Measure the circumference of the head and cut the veil netting to this length. Lay the cut piece on a flat work surface with the length running side-to-side and the width sides at the top and bottom.

  3. Make diagonal cuts at the top
  4. Measure and mark a little more than halfway up the left and right sides. Mark the top edge of the netting about one-third of the way in from each end. Make diagonal cuts between the two points on each side, resulting in a top shape similar to a trapezoid.

  5. Sew the perimeter
  6. Thread a needle and tie one end to the bottom left corner of the netting. Weave the needle in and out through the holes in the netting, working up the left side, across the top, and finishing at the bottom right corner.

  7. Bunch the netting
  8. Pull on the needle to bunch up the netting so the bunched edge is equivalent to the width of the hair comb. Tie the thread to keep the fabric bunched.

  9. Attach the netting to the comb
  10. Wrap the blunt edge of the hair comb with thin satin or lace ribbon, running the ribbon between the comb teeth. Sew the bunched netting edge to ribbon on the blunt edge of the comb.

  11. Add embellishments
  12. Glue or sew an embellishment to the comb to conceal the stitches. Options include feathers, bows, beads and flowers.

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