What Are Some Beautiful Eulogies?


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Examples of beautiful eulogies offer specific and vivid memories of the deceased person's greatest qualities. Eulogies tend to be more personal than obituaries, and summarize what the deceased meant to the eulogizer. The eulogy can touch upon the deceased person's accomplishments, and a bit of humor in the piece helps with healing.

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Some eulogies start by discussing the deceased's origins: where he was born, his family history and stories of childhood, generally discussing the deceased's background and what he treasured most. Heart warming stories about the person as a child are useful, and the eulogizer sometimes uses humor when discussing special memories, as humor has a healing effect on mourners.

From there, many eulogies discuss what the person did with his life. His career, family, hobbies and other activities make good subjects. The speaker can highlight the deceased's greatest accomplishments and what he was most known for, whether it be in his career, his job as a parent or time as a volunteer. Anecdotes provide a complete picture of the person.

Lastly, ending the eulogy with heartfelt condolences for close family member and friends is helpful. Those who grieve tend to appreciate the speaker who offers support and emphasises how much the deceased will be missed.

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