What Are Some Baby Christening Gift Ideas?

Gifts for a baby's christening can include remembrance items such as picture frames, tree ornaments and personalized bracelets or religious items such as baby bibles, rosaries and crosses. Baby christening gifts often are more for the parents than for the baby, and such gifts are aimed at remembering the special day.

The picture frames given for baby christening gifts should be fancy and high-end. Silver frames are a good choice as they are attractive enough to display with a picture of the baby for guests to admire. A Christmas ornament bearing the baby's picture serves the same use. A number of different designs are available in these kinds of ornaments. All can be hung around the house throughout the year or displayed during the Christmas holiday season.

A silver music box makes a lovely gift for both parents and baby. Engraving it with the date of the christening helps the family mark the date while having an attractive piece to show. Other engraved silver items can include baby cups or boxes for the first hair curl and first tooth.

An engraved piggy bank allows the family to remember the day while also helping the child save for the future. Personalized baby blankets or quilts are practical gifts for the baby.