Why Is Australia Day Celebrated?


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Australia Day honors Australia and the great things about being Australian. It is celebrated on January 26 because it marks the day of the proclamation of British sovereignty over the Eastern Seaboard of Australia in 1788.

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Australia Day is also called "Foundation Day," "ANA Day," "Invasion Day," and "Anniversary Day." It actually took a long time before Australia Day officially became a holiday. On New Years Day 1901, the British colonies of Australia created contemporary Australia. In 1935, the search for a day of national unity began, and Australia Day came into being. However, it wasn't until 1994 that Australia Day became a public holiday in all states of Australia.

Although Australia Day is generally adored, there are groups of people who call it "Invasion Day." Certain groups insist that the celebration of the holiday is inappropriate, and they protest it annually. These groups offer various suggestions of dates on which the national holiday should be celebrated instead. January 1 is one of the recommended dates for the holiday because it is the anniversary of the birth of the Federation of Australia. May 9 is also commonly recommended, as it is the anniversary of the day that the first national parliament convened in Australia in 1927.

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