Where Are Artificial Half Christmas Trees Sold?


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Artificial half Christmas trees are sold at brick and mortar retail stores, and through online vendors. Buyers should keep in mind that half Christmas trees are sometimes more expensive than regular Christmas trees.

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There are a few tips available to buyers purchasing an artificial half tree. Half trees have many of the same options as full trees, including prelit trees and flocked or accented trees. The downside to prelit trees is that buyers cannot change the color of the lights from year to year, and if one bulb goes out, it can be tricky to replace. Buyers should look for half trees labeled "continuous on," or "with burn-out protection." This way, if a single bulb goes out, the rest of the tree remains lit.

Flocked or accented trees look like the branches have been dusted with snow or glitter, and some are flocked more heavily than others. The trees may also include artificial accents such as pine cones and berries, neither of which come off the tree. Buyers should consider their decorating preferences to ensure the tree matches the furnishings of the home.

Finally, buyers must select the height and width of the tree they wish to buy. For best results, they should measure the spot where the tree goes, and leave enough room on the sides and top to decorate. Half trees go against a wall to save space, but the height and width still vary as with full artificial trees.

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