How Do You Arrange the Tissue Paper in a Gift Bag?


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Place three large sheets of tissue paper in the bottom of the gift bag to create a bottom layer, then loosely wrap three to four sheets of tissue paper scrunched up around the top of the gift. Place the gift in the bag, making sure that it is hidden by the paper.

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  1. Choose your tissue paper

    Choose colors that complement your gift or the gift bag. The size of the gift determines the size of your bag, and the size of your tissue paper. A small gift in a small bag may require fewer sheets.

  2. Wrap your gift

    Place three to four sheets of tissue paper on a flat surface and set your gift in the center. Pull the paper up around the gift and scrunch gently at the top, being careful not to crease or tear the paper. If the top of the paper is folded too harshly, it will look wrinkled and used.

  3. Finish your gift bag

    Place two or three sheets of tissue paper in the bag to create a bottom layer. Place your gift inside the bag and check to make sure the paper wrapped around the gift is protruding from the bag and hides the gift inside. Add more paper to the top if needed.

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