How Do You Arrange a Candy Centerpiece?


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To arrange a candy centerpiece, first choose a colorful or interesting container for the candy. Consider using tin pails, clear bowls or baskets that are relevant to the theme of the party or event, such as trick or treat pails for a Halloween event. Next, use a polystyrene foam block to fill the center of the container, fitting nearly to the top. If you use a clear or glass container, fill it with small, round or oblong candies.

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Once the foam is in place, insert a few multicolored lollipops with at least a 3-inch diameter into the foam. Add some smaller solid color lollipops around the base of the larger ones. Insert three long rock candy sticks in a triangle in the center of the block. Add a few unusual lollipops to the rest of the block. Arrange the lollipops the same way you arrange flowers, playing with the height and color differences in a visually interesting way.

For any spaces between the lollipops, create bunches of curling ribbon using floral wire that is inserted into the foam block. Make as many as you need to create a full centerpiece. If the container has an extended lip, tie some curling ribbon around it, as well. Place at least one container at the center of the table, and place colorful candles around it or smaller candy bowls.

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