What Are Some April Fool's Day Pranks to Play on a Teacher?


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April Fool's Day pranks to play on a teacher are to switch classrooms, change names and have the entire class wear costumes. These pranks are simple, light-hearted and cause no permanent damage.

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Switching classrooms requires the cooperation of two entire classes of students. Once everyone has agreed, arrive on April Fool's Day as usual, and go to the other classroom for class. Act as if nothing is out of the ordinary as the teachers notice that none of the students belong in their classes.

People can change names as a class or as individuals. Choose a different name for the day, and do not respond to any other name.

For the costume prank to be most effective, the entire class should wear costumes to school on April Fool's Day. For a more elaborate prank, make the costumes have a theme.

Many pranks students consider playing on teachers cause damage to property, inconvenience uninvolved people, are against school policies or are overly mean-spirited. Look at the prank, and assess if a teacher can do it to a student. If not, choose another prank.

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