What Is Appropriate Wording for Bridal Invitations?


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Ways to word a bridal invitation appropriately vary depending on the venue and personal preference. For example, "The honor of your presence..." is usually reserved for a more formal wedding that may include a worship service or be held in a church.

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Phrases such as "the pleasure of your company" or "the honor of you company" may indicate the wedding is not to be held in a place of worship. Other appropriate wording is "We invite you to celebrate the marriage of..."

The first line of the invitation is a way to convey who is hosting the wedding and whom the couple wants to recognize. Traditionally, the bride's parents host the wedding and invite the guests; if that is the case, the wording should reflect that, with phrasing such as, "Mr. and Mrs. Fred Smith invite you..." With more couples now hosting their own weddings and the rise of the blended family, as of 2015 wording can be more complex. An elegant and appropriate way to simplify this is to use the phrase, "Please join our families on this special occasion."

It is important to use proper titles in a wedding invitation. Men should be addressed as Mr. and all women, depending on their marital status, should be titled Mrs., Ms., or Miss. Another appropriate way to word the invitation if children are not invited is to include a listing for the number of adults on the response card.

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