What Are Some Appropriate Gifts to Give at a Bat Mitzvah?

What Are Some Appropriate Gifts to Give at a Bat Mitzvah?

Money, Judaica items, and charitable donations are all appropriate gifts for a bat mitzvah. Do-it-yourself gifts are also a good choice when celebrating this symbolic entry into adulthood.

Money is an appropriate gift for a bat mitzvah and also a popular choice. Many young women take the monetary gifts from a bat mitzvah and apply it to college costs later in life. Traditionally, money given at a bat mitzvah is given in increments of $18, but any amount is acceptable.

Judaica items, such as a menorah or candles for the Sabbath, are also quite popular bat mitzvah gifts. Any Jewish-related item, such as jewelry with Jewish symbolism, is also a good idea. Some choices of jewelry include a Jewish-star necklace or a Tiffany's heart pendant necklace.

Tzedakah, or charity, is one of the tenets of Judaism, so a charitable donation is also a popular bat-mitzvah gift. Choosing a charity that the honoree supports is one idea. Another is to make a donation to a Jewish charity, such as The Gift of Life or the Chai Society.

Do-it-yourself gifts are ideal for a bat mitzvah, too, especially when they come from the heart. One nice idea is a scrapbook filled with photos of the celebration and ceremony.