Is It Appropriate to Bury Ashes After Cremation?


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Survivors can bury ashes after cremation in a cemetery plot, urn garden or natural burial ground. Other appropriate options include entombing ashes in a columbarium or scattering the ashes at a place that the deceased loved.

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Is It Appropriate to Bury Ashes After Cremation?
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Survivors who choose to bury cremains in a cemetery plot can have religious officials perform rites graveside during memorial services. Some cemeteries allow multiple cremains to be buried in the same plot because they use less space. Local regulations may require that survivors place urns in vaults before going into the ground so that the ground above does not collapse. Survivors can mark the graves with headstones or other monuments.

Many cemeteries have urn gardens for burying cremains. Simple urn gardens are dedicated, landscaped plots within the cemetery, and more elaborate urn gardens can incorporate the cremains into the landscape, such as in a large rock or bench. Survivors can mark the urn burial spots with headstones or plaques.

Each area of the United States has different regulations for burying cremains in a natural burying ground or on private property. Local health and safety regulations provide survivors with guidelines for burying on private property. Survivors can also choose to mark private property grave sites with headstones or other monuments.

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