What Is the Appropriate Attire to Wear to a Funeral?

The appropriate attire to wear to a funeral is conservative, dark and formal attire. Women may wish to wear a black dress or suit, and men should wear a black, grey or dark blue suit with a conservative cut over a crisp, white-collared shirt and tie. Children should wear nice dress shoes and dark clothing that is classic and understated. Bright, loud colors should be avoided by all guests.

Rather than wearing a black cocktail dress, women may want to wear something more conservative that covers the knees and shoulders. A funeral is an ideal occasion to wear a hat, as long as it is not too gaudy. If a woman wants to wear jewelry, it is polite to wear something simple, such as a string of pearls and just one ring on each hand. It is a good idea to wear comfortable shoes, rather than heels.

A formal hate such as a fedora can be worn by men, and a trench coat can be used alongside the hat for a classic style. Men should not wear any jewelry besides a watch and a wedding ring, if applicable. Polished dress shoes are recommended, and attendees should bring an umbrella and a few extra handkerchiefs.