How Do You Apply Makeup to Look Like a Vampire?

apply-makeup-look-like-vampire Credit: Jeff Chiasson/E+/Getty Images

To look like a vampire, it is necessary to apply white makeup to the entire face, red and black makeup around the lips and mouth, black and red makeup around the eyes and gray makeup around the cheekbones. A vampire makeup kit that contains all of the required colors and makeup applicators to create an authentic vampire look can be purchased for $5 to $10.

A vampire needs to have a pale pallor because he cannot go out in sunlight. Use a makeup sponge to apply a thin layer of white makeup all over the face, neck and ears. Use gray makeup underneath the cheek bones to create a hollow, sunken look.

Use a black makeup stick to make the eyebrows appear dark and menacing. Apply black eye shadow over the entire eyelid and underneath the eye. Use red eye shadow to outline the entire eye and create a bloodshot look. Use the black makeup stick to line the entire eye so that it pops.

Use the black makeup stick to outline the lips. Then, use red makeup or lipstick to fill in the center of the lips. Red makeup or fake blood can be used to create the appearance of blood dripping out of the corners of the mouth. Have the blood drip down to the chin.