What Are AOL Free Greeting Cards?

aol-greeting-cards Credit: Getty Images North America/Getty Images News/Getty Images

AOL free greeting cards were online e-cards available to AOL members via an AOL Greetings subscription. As of September 2014, the AOL Greetings program has transitioned to AmericanGreetings.com.

AOL Greetings members can now go to the American Greetings website (www.AmericanGreetings.com) to register using their AOL username and password. Registration is free and gives AOL subscribers access to a searchable database of thousands of e-cards that can be emailed, sent to mobile phones and posted on social networking sites.

Members also get a free upgrade to Create & Print, a service that allows users to print personalized greeting cards. The American Greetings service also connects to the member's AOL address book and offers a free reminder service to help users remember birthdays and other special dates.