How Do You Announce a Death in the Community?

How Do You Announce a Death in the Community?

To announce a death in the community, create an obituary or a death notice. There are both newspapers and online services that run obituaries and death notices.

The family and friends of the deceased should be told face to face or on the telephone, if possible. Otherwise, send an email or letter. The family of the deceased typically handle any obituary or death notice.

A standard obituary announces a person's death and gives a bit of information about him. Relatives of the deceased also usually provide Information about a funeral or memorial service. Newspapers may confirm the death by contacting the funeral home. There is a charge for newspaper obituaries; the fee is dependent on the length of the obituary.

If required, a reporter can write a feature obituary, creating a longer obituary through interviews with those who knew the deceased.

A death notice only announces a death and doesn't include other information about the deceased. A newspaper may charge for a death notice or run it free of charge. A funeral home often writes the death notice for the family of the deceased.

A newspaper can also publish an obituary on its website, for which there may be an additional fee. Online obituary services may or may not have a fee.

People sometimes choose to announce deaths via social media.