What Activities Do People Do on Palm Sunday?

On Palm Sunday, most Christians attend service or Mass where they take part in the blessing of the palms. During the blessing of the palms, palm branches are blessed and distributed to the congregation who then follow the procession into the Church.

Palm Sunday is a Christian holiday that commemorates Jesus of Nazareth returning to Jerusalem on the back of a donkey to celebrate the Jewish holiday of Passover. Upon his triumphant arrival, people gathered to watch him enter the city. They laid down their cloaks as well as palm branches in the road, which is behavior typically reserved for the arrival of kings who had returned home triumphantly or victoriously.

In the Christian religion, Palm Sunday is important because the event fulfilled a prophecy from the Old Testament which described a king arriving on the back of a donkey. After the Palm Sunday holiday is over, many Christian and Catholic practitioners take their blessed palm branches home. Palm branches that the Church collects from the ceremony and services are then burned at the end of Palm Sunday. These ashes are used the following year for Ash Wednesday service. As a part of the Lenten season, Palm Sunday is part of the Christian or Catholic preparation for Easter.