What Are Some Activities to Celebrate All Saints Day?


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Activities to celebrate All Saint's Day include holding a saint prayer circle, making a saint paper chain and drawing a "Favorite Saint and Me" portrait. All Saint's Day is a Christian festival held on November 1 that honors all the saints.

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To form a saint prayer circle, gather the participants in a circle, and have each person think of a saint's name to remember during the activity. Go around the circle, and have each person share a prayer. Each person says, "I ask Saint (the one they chose) to pray with me for..." Remind the participants that All Saint's Day is a day where Catholics can ask the saints to pray with them for whatever they choose.

Celebrate All Saint's Day by cutting out strips of paper and handing them out to those celebrating the day. This is a great activity for children but is appropriate for participants of any age. Ask each person to write the name of the saint on the piece of paper and include pictures or a written explanation that represents the saint. Join the strips together to form a chain, and hang up as an All Saint's Day decoration.

For the "Favorite Saint and Me" portrait, ask each participant to study the saints and find similarities between a saint and himself. The similarities can be personality traits or actions shared in common. Children participants draw pictures that illustrate the reasons their selected saint best represents them, while older participants verbally share the similarities during a group discussion.

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