What Is an Acrostic Poem for Christmas?

acrostic-poem-christmas Credit: Xavier Boudreau/CC-BY 2.0

Lucilla Carrillo created an acrostic poem with a Christmas theme. The poem honors Christ, his birth and his blessings; the poem is called "Christmas Day."

Poetry Soup contains a number of Christmas-themed acrostic poems, and one of them honoring the central meaning of Christmas is by Lucilla M. Carrillo. Her acrostic poem spells out the text "Christmas Day" with the first letter of each line in the poem. The text goes:

"C...Christ is being born on Christmas Day.

H...He will bring love and joy to the world.

R...Remember to honor Him this day.

I...Imagine Him in the Manger.

S...So many years ago it happened on a cold day.

T...Today He will bring us blessings.

M...May you open to Him your heart.

A...Always and forever praise Him.

S...Spread His cheer everywhere.

D...Don't stay away from Him.

A...Always worship in His name.

Y...You won't regret it, don't be ashamed."