What Are Some 70th Birthday Poems?


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Some 70th birthday poems are "It's Just a Number" and "70th Birthday Poems for Granddad." Another 70th birthday poem that focuses on still enjoying life's adventures enthusiastically is "Seventy Young."

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"It's Just a Number" begins by saying that the number 70 seems like it's a big number. The writer then says that the person turning 70 has so many things to celebrate that she accomplished during her 70 years. The poem talks about both the good things and the bad things that the birthday celebrant remembers during her life. The poem ends with reflections on the love and good wishes of those celebrating.

Similarly, "70th Birthday Poems for Granddad," talks about needing to rhyme words to celebrate the occasion of the grandfather's 70th birthday. The poem includes a recitation of the grandfather's notable accomplishments in life such as serving in a war and working on a railroad. The writer states in the poem that she appreciates hearing stories from the grandfather about his life's adventures and accomplishments. When the grandfather recovers from a stroke, the grandchild notes that the grandfather lost his strength and then regained it. The author says that she still enjoys hearing her grandfather's stories.

In "Seventy Young," the writer states that the person celebrating the 70th birthday still looks youthful and "amazing." She recommends that the birthday celebrant fish and hike. The writer tells the person celebrating to have a lot of fun by running a race and slicing a birthday cake. The poem ends by telling the birthday celebrant that she is "one in a million."

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