What Is a 21st Birthday Speech?

A 21st birthday speech is a speech delivered on a person’s 21st birthday celebration. YourDictionary.com notes that writing a great birthday speech means choosing an interesting topic and delivering the information in a way that effectively captures the audience’s attention.

YourDictionary.com advises that the first step in writing a memorable speech is to do some research. It is important to find out who the audience will be; information like whether there will be family only or friends and other relatives too will be helpful when planning your speech. If the event is formal and there are other speakers, ask about the speaking order to help plan the details of the speech. YourDictionary.com recommends asking close family members and friends if they want anything specific added to the speech. A birthday speech should be concise, yet full of interesting stories that the guests will remember. The tone must be light, positive, entertaining and humorous. Finding the right balance can be achieved by incorporating a few good memories as main highlights throughout the speech, and then working them into other remarks that are not as significant. Use jokes and quotes to add humor to the speech. The speech should mention life milestones and achievements; this will make the speech personal and meaningful.