What Is Zombie Deck in "Yu-Gi-Oh!"?


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A zombie-type archetype is a "Yu-Gi-Oh!" card deck that features cards that utilize a swarming attack, especially from a player's graveyard. Another strategy employed by zombie decks is to take an opponent's card on top of the deck and send that card to the graveyard.

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In the official "Yu-Gi-Oh!" card database, there are 117 zombie cards, as of September 2014. "Number 22: Zombiestein" has the highest number of attack points, 4,500, in the entire archetype. "Berserk Dragon" has 3,500 attack and, when played, it may attack each monster an opponent controls once each. "Vampire Genesis" can retrieve certain zombie type monster from the graveyard. Other archetypes can combine with zombie decks to create various effects.

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