What Is "Zelda" Fan Fiction?


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Bronwen Thomas of Johns Hopkins University defines fan fiction as stories written by fans based on characters and plot lines from an already established text or work. Zelda fan fiction is fan-generated stories using the characters and plot lines from the world of "Legend of Zelda," which includes a series of video games and books.

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Fan fiction takes the characters and stories of a pre-established world and places them in new, sometimes bizarre situations. Two characters who may not have anything to do with each other in the actual work may fall in love in fan fiction. The characters may also be placed in different countries, universes or time periods. Fan fiction became popular as the Internet became mainstream because it provided places for fans to post their stories and receive feedback on them. This fostered entire communities centered around the fan fiction of pre-existing bodies of work, "The Legend of Zelda" included. Fan fiction has begun many conversations within media studies because it challenges the relationship between the creators and fans of a work. It allows people to talk back to a book, movie, television show or video game and mold an established world to fulfill their own desires.

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