What Does Zach's Word Unscrambler Do?


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Zach's Word Unscrambler is an online tool that helps a user solve word-scramble puzzles, wherein the user has a set of letters that she must rearrange in order to form a recognizable word. In many cases, each word is part of a larger puzzle that forms a specific sentence.

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To use the tool, users visit the site ZachsWordUnscrambler.com and enter in the series of scrambled letters into the designated search box. After the user enters the letters and clicks the Unscramble button, the site compares the letters to an internal dictionary of over 130,000 words. The tool displays all possible valid English words that include the provided letters, according the words within the tool's dictionary. The tool also contains a special feature that allows the user to enter an asterisk to serve as a wild card. This means that if the user doesn't know one of the letters in the scrambled word, she is able to enter an asterisk and receive results that include every letter in the alphabet as a possibility.

While the tool provides different words that contain the letters, it does not help the user solve any larger puzzles. It is still up to the user to look at the available words and choose the one that best fits her needs.

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