What Are the Yu-Gi-Oh! Six Samurai Cards?


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Six Samurai cards in the Yu-Gi-Oh! trading card game are warrior-type monsters that rely on each other to enhance their abilities. Most Six Samurai cards require another Six Samurai of a different name on the field to activate their effects. For instance, "Six Samurai-Kamon" can destroy one face-up spell or trap card on the field as long as the same player controls another Six Samurai with a different name.

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When the effect states "another Six Samurai with a different name," that means the card's name must have "Six Samurai" in the title. The same is true for support cards with "Shien" in the title. More powerful monster cards, such as "Legendary Six Samurai," also count toward a Six Samurai's effects. Legendary Six Samurai cards often require two other Six Samurai cards to activate their effects.

As warrior-type monsters, Six Samurai cards benefit from other cards geared for that archetype, such as "Warrior Returning Alive" and "Reinforcement of the Army." These two spell cards allow players to recall warrior monsters from the graveyard.

The spell card "Gateway of the Six" was banned from official tournaments in September 2013 because of a possible one-turn kill maneuver. One-turn kills are against the spirit of Yu-Gi-Oh! competitions. The trap card "Rivalry of the Warlord" allows players to control just one type of monster, an ability which may nullify an opponent's monster cards.

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