What Are the Yu-Gi-Oh Deck Tiers?

"Yu-Gi-Oh!" deck tiers tout one particular deck archetype over another based on playability, tournament victory statistics and cards used. The higher a deck's tier, the better chance the deck has to win a match in an official tournament. For example, tier "0" and tier "1" decks are the highest-rated decks in the trading card game, whereas tier "2" and tier "3" decks, and lower, are not as potent.

As of September 2014, no official deck tier list exists online, yet several enthusiasts and computerized games attempt to rate decks for better victory rates. A "D-Zombie" deck touts its speed and consistency to bring out viable monster cards. The zombie archetype thrives on bringing monsters back from a player's graveyard to re-use them in the game. Zombies also build on each other by summoning stronger monsters when more lower-level monsters are on the field.

"Yugiold's" blog in December 2013 touts top decks for all 157 archetypes of the card game. The top decks include Mermail, Bujin, Fire Fist, Geargia, Maldoche and Noble Knight archetypes. Geargia cards use machine-type monsters, This blog also mentions diversity as the key to winning more matches and tournaments since no single deck dominates thanks to card releases in 2014.

TCGPlayer.com contains ranked decklists made by several players. Anyone can click on these decks to see exactly how they are constructed. The key to "Yu-Gi-Oh!" deck tiers is to experience different top decks to see how they work.