In the "Yu-Gi-Oh!" Card Game, What Is a Dimensional Prison?


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In Yu-Gi-Oh, a Dimensional Prison is a trap card that can be activated when an opponent declares an attack with one of his monsters. By activating this card, the attack is cancelled and the attacking monster is banished.

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Yu-Gi-Oh is a trading card game developed and distributed by Konami. The object of the game is to win by any of the many methods: reducing an opponent's "life points" (similar to health points and can be reduced by destroying monsters, using spells/traps/card effects and attacking opponents directly if they have no cards on the field) to zero, causing them to run out of cards, or activating a monster effect resulting in a victory.

There are three basic types of cards in the game: monsters, spells and traps. Trap cards typically require some sort of prerequisite before activation. In the case of Dimensional Prison, the prerequisite is that the opponent declares an attack with one of his monsters. Once activated, whatever monster the opponent selected is banished. In Yu-Gi-Oh, a banished card is removed from play and sent to the Banished Zone. The player cannot interact with monsters in this zone in the same way as monsters in the Graveyard (defeated by regular destruction).

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