What Are Some Do-It-Yourself Wine Cork Art Projects? [DIFFICULT]?

What Are Some Do-It-Yourself Wine Cork Art Projects? [DIFFICULT]?

Some do-it-yourself wine cork art projects include wreaths, bulletin boards, placemats and vases. Corks can be saved from bottles of wine, or they may be purchased from craft supply stores for art projects.

Wine cork wreaths are made by attaching wine corks to a foam wreath frame with toothpicks, until the entire frame is covered. Corks used for wreaths can be all one color, or multiple colors can be used to create a pattern throughout the wreath.

Cork bulletin boards are made by attaching corks to a framed piece of medium density fiberboard or another lightweight sheet of wood with hot glue until the entire surface of the board is covered. Cork bulletin boards can be painted to match decor or can be left unpainted to showcase the natural look of the corks.

Placemats are easily made of corks by connecting several pieces of corks together with hot glue. Corks should be cut into five to six pieces horizontally before being arranged and glued in the desired shape of the placement. The resulting mats can also be used as trivets, as the cork material will protect counters from hot pots and pans.

Cork vases are made by covering plain glass vases with corks, either horizontally or vertically, to achieve the desired look. The resulting vase appears to be made entirely out of corks.