What Are Some Yo-Yo Tricks From The NED Show?


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Some yo-yo tricks from "The NED Show" include the Gravity Gripper, the Flip Flop, Rock the Baby and Forward Pass. "The NED Show" is a 45-minute assembly offered to schools and educational facilities centered around the cartoon character NED. NED is an acronym for "never give up, encourage others and do your best." "The NED Show" is designed for students in kindergarten through sixth grade.

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To perform the Gravity Gripper, fix the yo-yo string's loop to the middle finger between the top and middle knuckles. Cup the yo-yo between the thumb and middle finger, using the thumb to hold it in place. Let go of the yo-yo while moving the hand halfway down and allowing your arm to follow its motion. Pull your arm up, using a gentle flick of the wrist, to retract the yo-yo and complete the trick.

To perform the Flip Flop, start the trick with your hand cupping the yo-yo, as in the Gravity Gripper. Follow the same motions in the Gravity Gripper, but instead of catching the yo-yo once it's retracted, make a forward motion with the hand, similar to swatting a fly, allowing it to roll over the side of your hand. This trick can be performed back-to-front, front-to-back, or side-to-side.

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