What Are Some Yo Gabba Gabba Party Games?

Yo Gabba Gabba party games include "Dancey Dance" Circle, Retro Relay, Cake Dance and Who Stole DJ Lance's Hat? These games encourage children to dance, run relay races and guess which party guest is hiding a hat.

To play "Dancey Dance" Circle, invite a special guest to the party to teach children a funky dance move. Start the music, get in a circle, and let each child have their chance in the spotlight to display their favorite step. Optionally, give awards for unique dance moves such as "most funky" or "silliest."

Stack two piles of brightly colored retro clothing and split children into two teams to begin the Retro Relay game. Each child runs to their team's stack of clothing, chooses a garment or accessory, puts it on, and then poses for a picture. When the child is finished, he runs back to his team and tags the next person, who repeats the task.

To play the Cake Dance game, place numbered "Foofa" flowers made of construction paper on the floor. Start the music and let the children start dancing. When the music stops, each child has to pick a flower to stand on. Call out a number, and then give a prize to the child standing on the flower with that number.

To play Who Stole DJ Lance's Hat?, have children stand in a circle, with one child standing in the middle. When the music starts, the children pass an orange hat around the circle. When the music stops, the child holding the hat hides it behind his back. The child in the center gets three chances to guess who is holding the hat. If he guesses correctly, the child who was holding the hat takes the place of "DJ Lance" in the center of the circle.