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Some games on Yepi10000.com include “No Mutants Allowed” and “Woodwork Builder.” Both of these games require players to use a computer mouse for controls; “No Mutants Allowed” also requires a computer keyboard.

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“No Mutants Allowed” is an action-defense game in which players must defend a base from hordes of post-nuclear mutants. They use the mouse to aim at the enemies and the left mouse button to fire. The 1, 2 and 3 number keys allow the player to use special abilities. Each mutant that players kill gives them money that they can use to upgrade the base or their weapons or to hire more people to defend the base. The further that players make it in the game, the more mutants they have to fight, including mutant dogs.

In “Woodwork Builder,” players have to get the red block inside the red outline as quickly as possible. To move the wood block, they use the mouse to drag and drop the block where they want it. They often have to use other blocks to make a platform so that the red block can sit on top and reach the red outline. Players don't get a score at the end of each stage, but the game tells them how long it took them to complete the challenge.

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