What Year Did Atari Come Out?

year-did-atari-come-out Credit: Robee Shepherd / Contributor/Moment/Getty Images

The Atari 2600, first known as the Atari VCS, hit the market on Sept. 11, 1977. The original console was available for sale at Macy's and Sears department stores and had nine game titles available at launch.

Atari started out as a coin-operated video game company and released classic titles such as "Pong" and "Tank" for arcades across America. Soon they figured out how to transfer the arcade games to home television systems and "Pong" became a household staple. With the development of game cartridges, the designers at Atari developed the Atari 2600, which dominated the home game industry through the late 1970s and early 1980s.