How Do You Find Yamaha Serial Codes?


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The serial numbers on both a Yamaha grand piano and an upright piano are on a gold-colored plate inside the piano. The plate is on the far right.

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Yamaha pianos produced for the U.S. market have serial numbers that identify the year and location of manufacture. For example, a piano with a serial number beginning with the letter "T" was manufactured Thomaston, Georgia. Yamaha has a piano serial number look-up directory on its website.

All Yamaha pianos in the U.S. market were produced in one of six locations notated by the first letter or letters of the serial number: "U" represents South Haven, Michigan; "H" represents Hangzhou, China; "YT" represents Taoyuan, Taiwan; "J" represents Jakarta, Indonesia; and any other letter represents Hamamatsu, Japan. The rest of the serial number indicates the piano's year of manufacture. The Yamaha website provides a chart to find the year.

Yamaha's history began in 1887 with the production of its first reed organ. Yamaha made its first upright piano in 1900. Shortly after in 1902, Yamaha released its first grand piano. Yamaha continues to produce pianos and keyboards, and it also manufactures guitars, basses, drums, wind instruments and recording equipment. The company also produces sports equipment, such as skis, tennis rackets and golf clubs.

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