What If the Yahoo Games Applet Won't Load?


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Because the Yahoo Games applet is written for Java, the most likely problem stopping the applet from loading is an error with the Java plug-in. The Java Runtime Environment must be installed on the computer, enabled in the browser and properly functioning to use the Yahoo Games applet.

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If the Java Runtime Environment is not installed or is not working properly, close all other tabs in the Web browser and navigate to the Java homepage. Click the icon for the free Java download, then click agree and start free download. Run the installer and follow all instructions. If this does not help, clear the browser's Web cache. The method varies depending on the browser, so check the help documentation for the browser in question to learn how to do this. Finally, ask the administrator who manages the Internet connection if the computer is behind a firewall or uses a proxy server because these settings can interrupt normal functioning of the Java Runtime Environment.

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