How Do You Link the Xbox to the X Rocker Chair?

To use the X Rocker with the Xbox One, connect the chair directly to the television via a digital audio to RCA phono adapter (the red and white plugs). The Xbox One cannot be connected to Bluetooth-enabled X Rocker chairs via Bluetooth.

If using an Xbox 360 connected to the television via a 5/6 plug component cable, connecting the X Rocker is a simple matter of joining the red and white plugs from the chair to those from the cable. If the Xbox 360 is connected via an HDMI cable, then the X Rocker will either need to be connected directly to the television (as in the case of the Xbox One connection) or by using an Xbox 360 audio adapter or HDMI converter. This is sold separately but can be plugged into the console at the same time as the HDMI cable, providing two audio RCA sockets.

The wireless mode on wireless-enabled X Rockers should be deactivated for setting up a wired connection.

When the chair is in use, the sound will only come from the speakers within it and not from any other source. It is possible to connect multiple chairs at once, however, by obtaining a TX transmitter and setting each X Rocker chair to the same band frequency.