How Do You View an Xbox Live Gamertag Database?


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To view an Xbox Live gamertag database, go to NeoSeeker.com, type "gamertags" in the Search field, press Enter, and click on Xbox Live Gamertag Database in the search results. The website provides the username, the gamertag, the user's score and his location.

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The page that provides the gamertags has four tabs, such as What's New, Games Lists, Gamertag Index and Gamerscore Leaderboards.

In the What's New tab, thumbnails of the latest games and the number of players playing that game are displayed. The percentage of the unlock progress of the website's members are given, with the total number of remaining unlocks. The name of the achievements yet to be unlocked and the corresponding game are given in the right sidebar. The page provides the latest achievements with the title of the game and the username of the player who acquired it.

The Games Lists tab displays the titles of games in alphabetical order, with a thumbnail and the number of unlocked achievements. The number of games displayed are also given.

The Gamertag Index presents users with the gamertags, with the username, score and the country. The thumbnail of each username is also provided. Users are allowed to sort the results by the username, country or the gamertag.

The Gamerscore Leaderboards page provides the username and their gamertags with the highest score. The value of the highscore and the location of the user is also displayed.

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